Biography and Publications


Cristine MacKie is a musicologist and pianist and has given recitals  and broadcast on both radio and television in the UK and Austria. She has also given  concerts and master classes throughout the West Indies sponsored by the British Council.   Cristine has taught piano performance at Royal Holloway , Universtiy of London for  many years, and the magazine the Music Teacher,  acknowledges her as one of the ‘foremost leading advocates in the UK of the mind/body approach’ to piano performance (April, 2014).  In 2012 Cristine became the director of the London International Piano Symposium, which is hosted every two years at the Royal College of Music in association with Steinway Hall.  In 2012, her  collaboration with the Royal Ballet to produce a study on Clair de lune by Debussy was premiered at Covent Garden. She has given illustrated lectures on this subject at the Royal College of Music and at the ‘Year of the Piano’ lecture series hosted by Royal Holloway, University of London in association with Steinway & Sons,  UK Ltd. She is also founder and president of the Association L’Art du Piano in South West France.


In 2007, with a staff development grant from Royal Holloway (RHUL), University of London, Cristine presented a paper: ‘Science Meets Art: The Role of the Body in Shaping the Music’, at the first International Symposium on Performance Science (ISPS) in Oporto, Portugal; subsequently published in the Proceedings on the International Symposium on Performance Science, European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), eds, Aaron Williamon & Daniela Coimbra. In 2009, Cristine presented: ‘Enhancing the Memory in Piano Performance: A Mind/Body Approach’, at The Musical Body: Gesture, Representation and Ergonomics in Musical Performance, Senate House, University of London and Royal College of Music, 22-24 April. Also, in 2009, with an award from Music & Letters and Staff Development at RHUL, Cristine presented a paper on human movement systems at the ISPS in Auckland. This was also published in the Proceedings on the International Symposium on Performance Science, as were a further two papers, which were presented at the ISPS in Toronto 2011, which addressed the role of the torso in memorizing music, and the function of the ‘reach to grasp’; and also, a paper on the effect of mirror neurons on piano performance in Vienna 2015.  In 2017, she presented a paper at the ISPS in Rekyavik on ‘Time as Process – or the Pacing of Motion – and its Demarcation Rubato: A means to “Shaping” Ondine by Debussy’.  See: Abstracts of the Proceedings on the International Symposium eds, Arron Williamon & Pétur Jónasson 2017.  In the same year,  the London International Piano Symposium published New Thoughts on Piano Performance, compiled and edited by Cristine. It is a collection of essays by distinguished researchers and performers, which aims to expand the frontiers of knowledge in the field of piano performance, by exploring the interface between skilled artistry and scientific research.  In 2018, Rethinking Piano Performance: The Mindful Body is published by the London International Piano Symposium,


Beyond the world of pianism, Cristine is acclaimed also by the academic food writer Alan Davidson in his Oxford Companion to Food (1995: Oxford University Press) as the definitive writer on the history of food in the English-speaking Caribbean. Her publications include Trade Winds (1986:UK, Absolute Press), and Life and Food in the Caribbean (1989: London, Weidenfeld & Nicholson).