Rethinking Piano Performance: A Mind/Body Approach

Pianists routinely encounter a great variety of intellectual and bodily demands in preparing musical works for performance. However, until recently the work of pedagogues and performers in the conservatoires, music departments of universities, and private teaching has focused largely upon the intellectual aspect of piano performance, in particular ‘radical mentalism’. This separation of the mind and body which has always been central to the structure of Western thought has created ambivalence toward the role of the body, which is still widely prevalent amongst pianists and piano pedagogues today.

The Approach

Cristine MacKieCristine MacKie’s work aims to generate a more lively and rigorous approach to piano performance by drawing upon a broad range of recent research in performance science with the aim of not only deepening our understanding of the distinct roles of the mind and the body in piano performance, but encouraging also a convergence between the two.