Demonstration Videos

Excerpts from the ‘Year of the Piano’ – a lecture series hosted by Royal Holloway, University of London in association with Steinway Hall, UK, 2009

These examples demonstrate the key areas of the pianist’s body which are engaged in performance and emphasis their role within the musical context.

They are:

  • first, the grasping function of the forearm/hand.
  • second, the function of the torso and the shoulder complex.
  • third, synchronising all three.
  • fourth, employing the wave motion in piano performance.

Clip#1 – The Grasping Function of the Hand

Demonstration of the ’grasp’ function of the hand in bars 1-2 from Feuilles Mortes by Debussy. Performed by Cristine MacKie.

Clip#2 – The Function of the Torso

Demonstration of the movements of the torso in bars 1-14 from Feuilles Mortes by Debussy. Performed by Cristine MacKie.

Clip#3 – The Kinetic Chain Theory, or Wave Motion

Synchronising the movements of the pianist’s torso, shoulder complex and the forearm/hand in piano performance.

Clip#4 – Employing the Wave Motion in Performance

In each of these examples, the wave motion initiates the forward trajectory of the performer’s body toward each of the accents in bars 10-16 from Em Um Berço Encantando by Villa Lobos. Performed by Cristine MacKie

Clip#5 – Complete Performance